Adelaide Donnelley


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I see myself as a collaborator helping you to explore uncharted parts of yourself and discover the vastness of who you are. I work with individuals in transition, individuals who are stalled and want support moving forward, and anyone looking to bring more vibrancy and meaning into his/her life.



Have you reached a point in your life where what you’re doing no longer feels alive?  Is there a sense that life is shifting, but how you don’t know?  Are you left feeling alone, out in open water, with no way to steer?  Do you feel stuck?  If so, you may be entering a transition — a time when a fuller part of yourself wants to emerge.



In nature there is no such thing as being stuck — life is always flowing. Fall into winter, into spring, into summer, into fall. Just when life seems it’s bleakest in winter, energy is building underground to burst forth with new life. The ancients and nature-based cultures knew this. Life is always transforming. Transformation is the norm.

With nature as a guide, we will explore your patterns and cycles, giving particular attention to what brings you alive. As we use dreams, imagery, mindfulness and dialog, you’ll learn to listen to your natural intelligence and accept what is has to say. In the process you’ll discover ways to:

  • live from your depth not your surface

  • act with energy and ease

  • improvise instead of strategize

  • embrace adventure not routine

  • move from confinement to expanse

  • trust your deep natural wisdom




 At bottom this work is about trust — in self, in others, in life — and the power of that energy to make us whole.




Adelaide Donnelley, MA, MFCC, CPCC

Personal experience, along with a lifetime of spiritual exploration and holistic health practice, have led me to the awareness that each of us have the mechanisms within ourselves to heal and to flourish. For over thirty years I’ve worked as a psychotherapist and life coach, synthesizing various disciplines — Jungian and Ego psychology, mythology, visualization, and somatic practice. In addition, fifty years experience in the arts have allowed me to think deeply about the creative process. And fifty years of spiritual practice have conveyed the importance of stilling the mind, opening the spirit, and living in the present.

These realizations have come through my own struggle and suffering, as well as from the wisdom of others. Having striven to create an identity separate from parents, husband, children, having experienced the pain of divorce and the complexities of raising two children alone, and having navigated the ups and downs of close and intimate friendships, I understand the intricacies of relationship. Having had a brush with death and endured a long convalescent period, I know what it is to struggle with physical limitation. Having experienced extremes of emotion — deep sadness, irrational fear, uplifting joy — I’ve felt the fullness of being alive.

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