“Not a day goes by that I don't experience gratitude for your calm, sure voice – now inside me. You have helped me become my stronger more honest self. You comfort me in my aloneness. You have helped me befriend myself — my aging — my longevity.” — N. S.

“I am not sure words can fully express the amount of appreciation I have for you. Working with you continues to be a huge source of strength and inspiration. Your generative and insightful presence has facilitated some of the more powerful times of healing and awakening in my life, and for this I am ever grateful.” — A. G.

“The gentle intuitive way you work has helped me gain the confidence to do what I really want to do. It's become much easier to cut out the busywork that used to be so draining. For the first time I feel my life lining up … my self, my giving, my art. It's exciting the way it's all coming together.” — J. S.

“Thank you so much for the support, insight, great questions and perspective you have given me this year — a year that has been one of the most positive growth-filled times ever. Your presence has made much of it possible and helped me to be intentional, creative and confident about what I can do, be and become”. — B. R.

“Thank you for teaching me about stillness, self-empathy, faith and the blessings of being who I am.” — S. S.

“Daidie Donnelley has been coaching me for the past year at the initial recommendation via WDN (Women's Donor Network) from three members all of whom know her well. She has been a gift and an inspiration to me.” — J. B.